Virtual Marketing Manager
Core Team

Jodie loves working in the fashion industry running her ethical design business. It allows her to team a background in journalism and marketing, with her textile obsession. When it comes to marketing Jodie brings the heart of the business or product to the fore. She says, ‘it’s all about connection, it’s all about the ‘why’, if you can communicate that then there’s no hard sell'. 

Jodie has a Japanese and International Business degree, and a Masters in Marketing through Massey University. Her specific area of study is in marketing sustainable fashion,  with special focus on overcoming barriers to purchase through digital storytelling; a subject she puts into action through marketing projects within the business and beyond. 

When Jodie’s not designing or writing for ‘work’, then she’s usually doing it for fun! Or she can be found in the sunniest spot reading a good book, or (sshhhhh) knitting.  

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