Marketing Teams

A virtual team of marketing experts for your business anywhere from 20-100+ hours/month.

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Square - virtual assistant for social media marketing

Popular expertise within our teams:


Helping you create and maintain a positive image in the eyes of your audience.

Project Management

Our dedicated team run projects within your budgets and timelines, keeping you updated at all times.


Efficient and productive online or in-person workshops are our strong suit.


We provide marketing leadership into exec teams and boards around strategy, spend and ROI.


Our marketing experts consult on one-off projects, business strategies and everything in between.


Let us take care of the back end HTML & CSS so your website functions seamlessly.


We'll make it even easier for you to manage your Wordpress site by adding this drag-and-drop builder.


Our website masters build and handover easy to edit websites and blogs with this platform.


We help you integrate and utilise this powerful marketing, sales, and customer service platform.

Traditional Media

Creative development for television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and billboards.

And that’s just a taster, we’ve got decades of experience in everything from digital media to large scale traditional campaigns across all media types.

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How does having a virtual team work?

At the start:

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1. Meet your VM manager

Kick start our work together by meeting your “person”. They’re your primary point of contact, so you only need to communicate with them, and they’ll manage the tasks and other specialist team members as needed. Trust us, you’re going to love them.

2. Meet your “squad”

This is the team of incredible experts in the background who will be pulled in depending on your requirements. Our squads work together on a set of clients so there is always coverage at our end to deliver for you.

3. We make a plan!

Now that you have met the team we develop a plan of action based on your needs and where we can have the biggest impact. These decisions will inform our month-to-month deliverables, but you can customise this as much as you need each month. 

4. We get access

The last thing is to give our team access to all the tools and accounts we’ll need to support your marketing – whether that’s just ad management or your entire marketing function from social account to reporting. Then we’re ready to go!

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Month on

1. Start of the month

Kick start each month with a check-in from your marketing manager. Here we’ll prioritise the deliverables for the month ahead. 

2. End of month reports

We deliver end-of-month reports on what we achieved and all the results from your live campaigns or ads – all in one interactive dashboard.

3. Weekly checkins from your manager

Your marketing manager will check in with you at least once a week so you know what is going live, what needs input and what you can sign off. A WIP check-in keeps us all across the details so you can bring up urgent changes and get prompt action. 

More than just a marketing resource...

Circle - digital marketing checklist 2023

Marketing Teams that grow with you.

Our pricing is always customised to suit you, but to give you an idea of what costs could look like we’ve outlined some basic packages below.


20 hours /month

Popular advantages:

One account manager and point of contact across your account

Access to an entire team of marketing specialists

Scalable specialties each month as you need them

Starting from
NZD $3,000/month +GST


40 hours /month

Popular advantages:

Everything from Starter, and...

2x senior account marketers across your entire account

Additional in depth reporting setup and strategic insight through more consistent commitment of hours

Starting from
NZD $5,800/month +GST


80+ hours /month

Popular advantages:

Everything from Plus, and...

The equivalent output of one full-time employee (based on prior customer feedback/exp.)

A virtual CMO or equivalent experience working on projects at your standard rate

Starting from
POA - a volume discount applies

Triangle - digital marketing virtual assistant

Don’t know (or see) what you need?

Book a call with us! We’re real people and love to make a connection with teams we might be working with. We can talk through what level of support you might need, provide you with different options, at different prices, and build a custom package designed for you.

Our customers finding success.

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Partnering with a Leading Agricultural Tech Company to Drive International Recognition

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Frequently asked questions

Are there minimum hours I have to sign up for?
Yes, when you sign up for our Marketing Teams our minimum hours are set at 20 hours per month. If you require less than this, or can't quite afford 20 hours yet then check out our Small Biz Subscriptions.
Do I have to pay a retainer even if I don't use the hours?
This will depend on our agreed terms, and why the hours cannot be used. In general we do our best to ensure we have delivered work within the hours you have contracted, but if we are unable to deliver hours for you through fault of our own we will charge you only what was delivered rather than the contracted amount.
What is your cancellation policy?
If you need to cancel your commitment with us, our agreements may be terminated by either party without cause, by giving 1 month notice in writing. For more information check out our Purchase Terms.
Can I change my plan later?
Once you are signed up with us, scaling up hours is not a problem. Our agreements allow for ad hoc increases in one-off work if requested in writing by our clients, and if our team's capacity allows. You can chat to us at any time about increasing your standard hours.

If you need to reduce hours for any reason we are open to discussions, but this would be on a case by case basis.
How does billing work?
Our billing and delivery cycles are based on the calendar month. At the start of each new month we will invoice you for the previous month's work, payable on the 20th of the month billed. For more information, check out our Purchase Terms.

Get the marketing team you need, and start growing your business today.