One-Off Fundamentals

Get a fundamental marketing asset, project or task completed, like a website or an ebook, done right, at an affordable cost, and with no long-term commitment required.

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Use our team of experts to help you get the marketing fundamentals right.

We have a marketing-obsessed team just waiting to help you create or refine one of the fundamental marketing tools for your business. Whether it’s a website, brand, content plan or even a CRM set up, we have the experience, as well as the fresh thinking and hunger to get to know your business. So lean on us to bring it to life.

We believe high quality marketing doesn’t have to come with high prices, and getting these fundamentals right is … well … fundamental!

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So what one-offs can we deliver for you?


One-off cost starting

from NZD $5,000 + GST

Popular advantages:

Competitive website design & build packages

A clear process with regular updates and review sessions

Website management training and onboarding process

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Marketing Strategy

One-off cost starting

from NZD $6,000 + GST

Popular advantages:

A clear, research-based 12-month strategy to inform your activity

Cement your unique selling points and advantages over competitors

Ready to action content plan packed with recommendations

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Content Plan

One-off cost starting

from NZD $3,000 + GST

Popular advantages:

A plan with all you need to start creating, writing and posting

Guides & examples of content to engage your audience

Supporting your team with an SEO content plan to execute on

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Case Study

One-off cost starting

from NZD $1,500 + GST

Popular advantages:

Creative content developed using leading SEO techniques

Expert copywriters creating your success stories

Interviews with your customers so they can tell your story for you

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Brand Updates

One-off cost starting

from NZD $2,500 + GST

Popular advantages:

Current brand and market audit with recommendations

New logo design or existing logo refinement

Creation of editable templates that align with updated brand

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Brand Guidelines

One-off cost starting

from NZD $4,000 + GST

Popular advantages:

A single reference document to create consistency

A uniform view of all brand logos, imagery and assets

Identification of any gaps in your brand or assets

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Marketing Strategy & Activity Audit Report

One-off cost starting

from NZD $6,000 + GST

Popular advantages:

Analysis of your current marketing strategy

Analysis of competitor marketing activity

Implementation plan

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And that’s just a taster, we’ve got lots more one-off deliverables in the pipeline coming soon, so if there are any in particular you want to see, reach out!

How do our one-off deliverables work?

The process:

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1. Meet your VM manager

Kick start our work together by meeting your “person”. They’re your primary point of contact, so you only need to communicate with them throughout the project, and they’ll manage the tasks and other specialist team members as needed. Trust us, you’re going to love them.

2. We refine the brief

We work with you to make sure we know exactly what you want and need, and what other factors need to be considered when it comes to this project.

3. We make a plan!

Now that you’ve met your person, and given us a good brief, we will develop a plan of action for your project. This plan will include a review of the process we’ll undertake, when we’ll need your input, and what success will look like. 

4. We get access & deliver

The next thing is to give our team access to all the tools and accounts we’ll need to work on this fundamental – whether that’s just website access or access to your full brand kit, we’ll make sure we have it all sorted before we start. Then we’re ready to go!

Our 'Marketing Teams' customers finding success.

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Frequently asked questions

Who will be delivering my work?
Our team is made up of marketing experts from across New Zealand, Australia and the UK, and is always growing. The specific manager of your work will depend on the chosen one-off, but you can see all of our current team over in our team section.
Can I change my one-off level later?
If we have not onboarded you into the project yet, then yes we can allow you to purchase a new one-off on a different level (eg. a 6-month content plan, instead of a 3-month content plan). Once the new one-off has been purchased we will refund the amount of the first one-off to your account.
How does payment work?
When you purchase our one-off services you will complete an upfront payment via credit card through our payment provider Stripe. This is a secure service used by some of the largest commerce companies in the world.

Get the marketing team you need, and start growing your business today.