Virtual Marketer's Monthly Mashup: June 2024


This month's Mashup includes YouTube's ad-blocker bypass, LinkedIn's algorithm changes, Google's latest spam update, evolving influencer marketing trends, and Shopify's expanded AI tool suite.

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June 26, 2024
  (NZDT - GMT +12)

It’s the end of June baby, midyear what’s up! This month we talk about YouTube’s sneaky ad embedding, LinkedIn's algorithm overhaul, Google's latest spam update, and the evolving trends in influencer marketing. Plus, we take a look at Shopify's expanded AI tool suite aimed at engaging more businesses and countering the ever-present revenue slowdowns. Let's do it!

  1. YouTube Embeds Ads into Videos to Beat Ad Blockers
  2. LinkedIn’s Algorithm Changes Prioritise User Intent
  3. Google’s Spam Update: What You Need to Know
  4. Quick Refresh on Influencer Marketing Trends for 2024
  5. Shopify Expands AI Tool Suite to Engage More Businesses

1. YouTube Embeds Ads into Videos to Beat Ad Blockers

YouTube is testing a new method to combat ad blockers by embedding ads directly into video streams, making them indistinguishable from the content. This server-side ad injection strategy means ad-blocking software is ineffective and so the ads get more visibility by appearing as part of the video. 

This jazzy move is part of YouTube’s broader efforts to protect its advertising revenue and promote its ad-free premium service, potentially improving ad performance and visibility for advertisers.

Source: 9to5 Google

2. LinkedIn’s Algorithm Changes Prioritise User Intent

LinkedIn has introduced big algorithm changes aimed at prioritising user intent and engagement quality over mere content quantity. This update focuses on elevating content that sparks meaningful conversations and interactions. LinkedIn's new algorithm rewards posts that demonstrate high engagement rates and user interaction (so, good content), aiming to promote value-driven content. Brands and marketers are encouraged to adapt by producing more interactive and discussion-worthy content to keep up their visibility and reach on the platform​

Source: Crowley Media Group

3. Google’s Spam Update: What You Need to Know

Google has released a new search update, known as the June 2024 spam update, which began on June 20, 2024. This update, expected to take about a week to fully roll out, is part of Google's ongoing efforts to enhance its spam detection systems and maintain the quality of search results. 

Unlike previous updates targeting specific issues like link spam, this update focuses on broader spam prevention measures. Google has clarified that this is not an algorithmic enforcement of site reputation abuse policies. Websites experiencing ranking changes during this period are advised to review Google's spam policies to ensure compliance, as violations could lead to lower rankings or removal from search results altogether​.

Source: Search Engine Land

4. Quick Refresh on Influencer Marketing Trends for 2024

The latest trends in influencer marketing highlight a shift towards authenticity and niche communities. Brands are increasingly collaborating with micro and nano influencers who have highly engaged and loyal followers. These smaller-scale influencers often provide more genuine and relatable content, leading to higher engagement rates and better ROI for brands.

Additionally, there is a growing emphasis on long-term partnerships over one-off campaigns, people seem to believe these more than the single fluffy promotional piece, fostering deeper connections between influencers and brands, and enhancing credibility among target audiences​.

Source: Social Insider

5. Shopify Expands AI Tool Suite to Engage More Businesses

Shopify has expanded its AI-backed tools to attract a broader range of businesses, unveiling these enhancements at its biannual product event. The updates include improved accessibility for Sidekick, Shopify’s AI-powered chatbot, and a more advanced image generation tool now available on mobile devices. 

Additionally, Shopify introduced AI-powered product categorisation to streamline listing processes and AI-suggested replies for customer chats, maintaining human oversight for accuracy. These updates come as Shopify aims to counter slowing revenue growth and maintain its competitive edge in the e-commerce market. The company also announced a partnership with Target, allowing Shopify merchants to join Target Plus, enhancing product availability on Target’s website and potentially in stores.

Source: Marketing Tech News

Hope you enjoyed this mashup! YouTube's ad-blocker bypass, LinkedIn's algorithm overhaul for better engagement, and Google's latest spam update are reshaping content consumption and ranking. Influencer marketing is trending towards authenticity and long-term partnerships, offering brands genuine connections. Shopify's expanded AI tools aim to engage more businesses and address revenue challenges. Stay tuned for more updates next month!

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