Must-Attend Marketing Events in 2024


We've compiled a comprehensive guide to the most useful marketing events and conferences in New Zealand throughout the year. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting in the field, these gatherings promise to be a gateway to invaluable industry insights, networking opportunities, and a bit of fun too!

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January 15, 2024
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We’re not going to sugar coat this… it is vitally important to keep up to date with the latest trends, strategies, and industry insights to continue to achieve great outcomes in the world of marketing. Professional development is something you as a marketer need to keep on top of, and plan for regularly. 

One of the best ways to achieve this is by attending marketing events and conferences. Our team has gathered some key New Zealand marketing conferences and events for you to consider attending this year that offer chances to learn, opportunities for networking, and a fun way to nurture your marketing career.

Marketing Association Events

A great option is to become a member of our national organisation for marketers here in NZ, the Marketing Association, which gives you access to oodles of events for marketers and professionals keen to keep on top of the marketing world's evolution. 

Being a member means you get a discounted rate for their various marketing events, seminars, and conferences throughout the year. These include Brainy Breakfasts, Think Again, the Platinum Club for CMOs, their Marketing Disrupted series, and their annual conference, Digital Day Out.

Their events cover digital marketing, AI, strategy, content, and data and are held in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch (or online). They feature local and international speakers who are leaders in their fields​ and you also get member pricing which makes your professional development budget go even further.

Here's why you should be there:

Their events are designed to cater to marketing professionals at all levels of their careers and cover a diverse range of marketing topics, ensuring that there's something valuable for everyone.

  • You can connect with fellow marketers, industry leaders, and potential collaborators to expand your professional network.
  • You will gain access to the latest industry trends, research, and best practices, keeping your skills and knowledge current.

Digital Day Out

Digital Day Out is the go-to event for digital marketing enthusiasts in NZ, and is 100% focused on digital topics all packed into one day.

Here's why you should be there:

  • You get to learn from industry experts about the latest advancements in digital marketing, including SEO, SEM, content marketing, and all the other acronyms.
  • You can participate in hands-on workshops to sharpen your digital marketing skills and gain practical knowledge.
  • You connect with digital marketing professionals and agencies, potentially opening up career and collaboration opportunities.
  • AND you get a discount on tickets if you’re a MA member.

NZ Tech Marketers Conference

TMG is a national community that supports marketers (working in SaaS or B2B tech companies or in technical marketing roles like automation, CRM & operations) with access to shared resources, mentors, training, workshops and conferences. Membership is free if you work for one of their membership companies.

This is an annual conference for tech marketing professionals where they can learn industry trends and insights and connect with other tech marketers. It’s a really good idea to consider attending if you’re wanting to also leap into tech marketing from other industries.

Here's why you should be there:

  • You hear from industry leaders and experts who will share their success stories and insights into the ever-changing marketing landscape.
  • You engage with like-minded tech marketers, potential mentors, and collaborators to strengthen your professional network.
  • You gain practical insights and strategies that you can apply directly to your tech marketing campaigns.

NZ Social Media Forum

The New Zealand Social Media Forum showcases experts and organisations that understand and are experimenting with the latest in social media. The features of the 2-day conference aim to assist with the expanding brand’s skill sets as they connect with audiences online. 

Sessions will feature tips and techniques, what changes have occurred, what is on the horizon and examples from those working the multiple angles of social media.

Social media is a powerful tool in the marketer's arsenal, and staying updated on the latest strategies is crucial for success.

Here’s why you should be there:

  • You can discover the latest trends and strategies for leveraging social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.
  • You learn how to create engaging content and effective social media campaigns to reach your target audience.
  • You connect with social media experts and fellow marketers to exchange ideas and experiences.

DigiMarCon New Zealand 2024 Digital Marketing Media

This marketing conference, whether attended in person or online, spans over two days and focuses on the most effective strategies, trends, solutions, and networking opportunities in digital marketing. 

You can also explore the latest advancements in technology and innovation, such as Internet, Mobile, AdTech, MarTech, and SaaS Technology, at the TechSpo event.

You will acquire knowledge about upcoming approaches, the most recent cutting-edge technologies, and effective methods to advance your business to a higher stage.

Here’s why you should be there:

  • You’ll not only have a great experience connecting with loads of other marketers, but you’ll hear from some experienced speakers in the digital marketing, media and advertising industry.
  • You will gain insight into emerging strategies, the latest innovative technologies, and best practices to move your brand to the next level.
  • Networking with thought leaders, collaborating with your peers and building your professional network and a major plus too.


This happens at the same time as DigiMarCon and focuses on the latest tech and platforms you could use in marketing and business. 

Here’s why you should be there:

  • TECHSPO Auckland brings together developers, brands, marketers, technology providers, designers, innovators and evangelists who are really focussed on the advanced world of technology.
  • It’ll bring you providers of the next generation of technology & innovation; Internet, Mobile, AdTech, MarTech & SaaS Technology so you can learn about next tech.

For Virtual Marketers, attending marketing events and conferences in 2024 in New Zealand offers a fantastic opportunity to enhance our marketing knowledge – and we hope you do the same.

Keep an eye on the event websites and relevant platforms for updates, registration details, and schedules to ensure you don't miss out on these valuable opportunities for professional growth. 

If you see our crew there, come say hi!

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