The 10 Marketing Podcasts You Should be Listening to in 2024

Try and fit a bit of learning into your week with these marketing podcasts, from the humanity in marketing to increasing website traffic, and everything in between.

Senior Marketing Manager
March 4, 2024
  (NZDT - GMT +12)

Sometimes it’s challenging to fit learning into your schedule. I aim to kick off each day of the working week with a walk, if time and weather allow it, and one of the things I do on these strolls (other than people watch) is listen to podcasts to try and learn a little more about this fascinating industry. These are some of the marketing podcasts that have been in my rotation so far this year, I highly recommend a listen if any of them jump out at you!

1. The Digital Marketing Podcast

  • Hosts: Fintech growth expert Ciaran Rogers, author / speaker Daniel Rowles, and digital marketing expert Louise Crossley. 
  • Best for: Keeping up to date
  • Summary: Learning about developments in SEO, AI, customer nurture and reporting
  • Listen here: 

2. The Marketing Millennials

  • Host: Daniel Murray
  • Best For: Case studies
  • Summary: Offers real-world case studies and perspectives from the marketing industry, making it a valuable resource for practical insights.
  • Listen here: 

3. Exit Five

  • Host: Dave Gerhardt
  • Best For: B2B marketers
  • Summary: Features intimate roundtable discussions with practical marketing strategies and career growth advice.
  • Listen here: 

4. Social Media Marketing

5. Content Callout

  • Hosts: Mark Raffan and Kayla Graham
  • Best For: Content marketers
  • Summary: Offers evergreen strategies and starts each episode with three rapid-fire marketing tips.

6. Marketing School

  • Hosts: Neil Patel and Eric Siu
  • Best For: Bite-sized episodes
  • Summary: Offers short, daily episodes with actionable marketing tips, ideal for quick learning.
  • Listen here: 

7. Perpetual Traffic

8. Market Your Genius

  • Host: Nikki Nash
  • Best For: Diverse marketing topics
  • Summary: Explores a wide range of marketing topics, providing insights into various strategies and trends.
  • Listen here: 

9. Hidden Brain

  • Host: Shankar Vedantam
  • Best For: Understanding human behaviour
  • Summary: Explores the unconscious patterns driving human behaviour, offering insights into psychological aspects of marketing.
  • Listen here: 

10. Ethics in Marketing

  • Host: Mikhail Myzgin
  • Best For: Humanity in marketing
  • Summary: Dives into the ethical grey areas in marketing, offering thoughtful perspectives on ethical marketing practices.
  • Listen here: 

It’s quite the list so I totally understand if you don’t have the time to listen to them all, we’re busy marketers after all, but pick one that jumps out at you and start there. You’ll learn something new that’s for sure!

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