Custom Website Design and Development for Coping With Loss

Coping With Loss delivers unique, important and powerful programmes to help those dealing with grief. Their website wasn’t offering the smoothest user experience for people, and the team wanted access to their information and support to be easy, at a time in life where a lot of things are not easy. We worked with them to design and build a custom website with a refined user experience, to help their audience navigate information and resources, and discover the help they need.


The Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience (parent company of the Coping With Loss programme) has a long and respected history of promoting and protecting wellbeing and resilience in individuals, families, communities and organisations through programmes, workshops, keynote speaking, events and so much more. 

After five successful years delivering resilience training globally (via B2B channels only), the team wanted to make their life-changing courses available directly to consumers. Leveraging their unique academic and lived experience in helping people navigate grief specifically, they created Coping With Loss to deliver online courses for individuals.

The team at Coping With Loss came to Virtual Marketers through a recommendation looking for assistance to get the word out. We worked with them to decide on a list of priorities, and together we agreed that the website was the best and most important place to start.

They’d had reasonable success with uptake on their programmes with their existing platform but in order to grow, and take their programmes to scale,  it was time to take it up a level and make the programmes really easy to find and the available options simple to understand. 

They needed a platform that provided clear navigation through their programmes and resources for people who were at different moments of grief journey. Their website also needed the capability to grow with them as they develop more programmes and expand their offerings.


We discussed their needs and decided the best approach for their unique offering was to design a full custom website on Figma. We considered the user journey and how people would best be able to navigate to the self-directed learning or group learning options, or be able to access the free resources for those not ready to sign up just yet. 

Coping With Loss had developed a range of thoughtful illustrations, as well as a new brand, so we used these as the base of our inspiration for the website design. The illustrations help signpost and move users through the site, while making it feel friendly, supportive, accessible and empathetic. 

“You have brought the brand alive. I’m truly so grateful and thrilled with the overall look and feel of the site. It feels like exciting times for this brand that we’ve worked on for so long. Because we know our content is world-class and truly transformative, we are desperate to make it more broadly available. Thank you all for helping bring it to life and helping so many people globally in doing so!”

Dr Lucy Hone, Director CWL

Once the design was signed off we used the Figma to Webflow plugin to develop the entire website with minimal development time. We tidied up the design, loaded content, ensured all links were added, tested, and created the CMS element for the Coping With Loss team to be able to add fresh blogs, podcasts, and resources. Then we pressed go, and was live.

Now Coping With Loss has a fully functioning, thoroughly considered and beautifully illustrated website that is ready to grow as they grow. It reflects their brand and the great work they do, it's clear where information can be found, and it's easy for the Coping With Loss team to add elements when needed. We’re incredibly proud of our work together, and look forward to seeing how many lives they can change with their new platform.

“The team absolutely love it. And are super impressed with how quickly you 'got us', how straightforward you made the project, the incredible value you've added throughout and just how awesome to work with you've been.”

- Emily Turnbull, CWL Advisor

Key Outcomes

The most stand out element of this project was the timing we were able to deliver this custom website for Coping With Loss within. The website was completed in 50 hours, including design, build, base level copywriting, thumbnails, SEO optimisation, mobile optimisation, and testing.

We look forward to reporting more positive results as the website is seen by more and more people in the coming months and years.

“Oh, it makes my heart sing! The site looks fantastic, it's simple to navigate AND it's focused on getting folk onto the programmes. The text/feel is so on brand. A huge thanks and well done. And to Jimmy, for getting the vision so well. What a team!”

- Emily Turnbull, CWL Advisor

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