Partnering with a Leading Agricultural Tech Company to Drive International Recognition

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We partnered with FrostBoss (previously New Zealand Frost Fans) to help them drive awareness and consideration of these leading-edge frost fans and supporting technology across their international markets. From mentoring junior team members, to integrating a CRM platform to increase visibility over their sales funnel and automated activity, our relationship has gone from strength to strength.


FrostBoss, a leader in manufacturing frost fans with a strong commitment to quality and innovation, were looking to increase their marketing efforts and expand their reach across their various international markets. With a legacy dating back to the 1990s, the company had established a reputation for honesty, integrity, and hard work, which aligned perfectly with Virtual Marketers and how we work. 

FrostBoss approached Virtual Marketers with the aim of expanding their small in-house marketing team's capabilities. They were after comprehensive support, ranging from strategic guidance and marketing planning to the implementation of campaigns and content production. The primary goals were to enhance their market presence, and establish a robust strategy to target their global clientele effectively.


Virtual Marketers developed a multifaceted solution to address FrostBoss' unique needs and challenges, as part of our ‘Marketing Teams’ offering:

  • Strategic Input and Planning: Virtual Marketers collaborated closely with FrostBoss to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to their target markets. Our collaborative strategy aimed to align their marketing efforts with their core values and showcase their dedication to innovation and reliability.
  • HubSpot CRM Implementation: To streamline customer relationship management, we guided FrostBoss in implementing a CRM system using HubSpot. This allowed for better customer data management, personalised communication, and enhanced lead nurturing. We manage ongoing campaigns, data integration and nurture journeys, constantly building out their use of this powerful platform.
  • Feature Product Website: Virtual Marketers swiftly developed a dedicated website for FrostBoss. This site provides in-depth information, specifications, and benefits, catering to customers' specific needs, and was done within a very tight timeframe and budget. We manage ongoing management and new page creation, including ensuring all information is accurately translated for their key target markets (Spanish, French, Italian).
  • Campaign Creation & Management: We help FrostBoss plan and implement a range of campaigns to target key markets and improve market voice. These campaigns reach across their five international markets, and take note of the nuances of each area they target.
  • Content Creation: We create a consistent stream of high-quality content to support FrostBoss' SEO efforts and establish thought leadership in the industry. 
  • Dashboard Build & Ongoing Monitoring: We created a multi-site dashboard in order to help FrostBoss monitor ongoing marketing activity and website user stats. We help them monitor trends and offer insights and improvements for their marketing efforts. 
  • Product Upsell Automations: We worked with FrostBoss to automate the upsell of their mobile monitoring subscription service globally. These automations allow customers of their primary product to be engaged and educated on the benefits of their add on services and complete sales entirely online to allow for high growth and expansion without increased staffing solutions as they continue their international growth.

Key Outcomes

The collaboration between Virtual Marketers and FrostBoss has yielded significant outcomes that contribute to the company's growth and global recognition:

  • Ongoing Positive Relationships: Our collaboration extends beyond a mere service provider-client relationship, and has evolved into a strategic partnership driven by shared goals and values.
  • Enhanced International Market Reach: Through our strategic marketing approach, FrostBoss experienced increased visibility and engagement in New Zealand and five international markets (Australia, Chile, Italy, France, Spain).
  • Improved Lead Generation and Conversion: The implementation of HubSpot CRM and optimised digital strategies resulted in improved lead management and increased conversion rates. FrostBoss could effectively nurture leads and convert them into loyal customers.
  • Thought Leadership and Industry Recognition: The consistent production of valuable and relevant content has established FrostBoss as a thought leader in the agricultural technology sector. This recognition enhances their credibility and positions them as experts in frost protection solutions.

Our collaboration with FrostBoss demonstrates our capacity to provide holistic marketing solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client, and to be able to go deep into a sector and truly become a member of the team we are working with. By combining strategic planning, digital expertise, and ongoing support, Virtual Marketers facilitated FrostBoss' growth, enhanced their market presence, and solidified their reputation as a leading frost fan manufacturer on the global stage.

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